Monday, August 15, 2011

A la Mode Monday

Skirts. I got a pretty, colorful, paisley maxi skirt a few days ago that I can wait to wear.

I love the muted tones of her outfit.

We'll pretend the see-through one was not pictured :)

Swing skirt with skinny belt

Simple, comfy and comes in a variety of colors



  1. I love, love, love the first skirt!! Thanks for posting! :)

  2. The tan (4th down) skirt is perfect. I cant figure out how to get to it to possibly purchase. Thanks.

  3. LOL he didn't use any other scriptural proofs! :) I read the Boundless and found it interesting. I also the read the blog that resulted from there. Here are my conclusions: I agree with it though I 'm still chewing on it. Personally, I think women can be educated, etc. The truth is ot every home is ideal. I remember a woman whose husband just walked out on her and because she didn't have a college degree, it was HARD!! Another woman had a different story, she basically went back to work and could provide for her kids. These are the reasons why I slightly disagree with the 1st post. Yes, 58% of women are in college...well maybe the men should start going to school and stop slacking lol :) I don't care how many degrees a issue is that the family needs to come first and she needs to be prepared to stay home, whether for a season or not, than saying "oh i'm a lawyer and now i'm home! maybe i'm wrong..maybe females just outnumber males regarding the school issue...i mean in china, the females are more. I liked the other post too. "Keeping our homes is so demanding that it is impossible to do it properly unless we abide within the home." - maybe. i guess because God has blessed all women with varying capacities. I know a woman who just can't work out of the home...another could hold a part time job and her home was intact. But maybe I'm misunderstanding the author. She probably meant, one must put the home first or something. Well, thats it LOL...if you like to respond, you can respond on the recent post since the original post is way back :) thanks schy!! my roommate is from New Orleans, actually!

  4. I just thought of one of your old posts. Did you find a place? or move back with your parents to share a room with your sis? :)

  5. I <3 the third skirt!! Very Pretty!!


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