Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For a culture to assume that a woman must have a professional career . . . or for parents to assume that a young woman can have no role outside the home . . .

Both of these extreme viewpoints are wrong. In a family that honors the Lord, children should be nurtured to develop their gifts, their strengths. The goal is to live a life that seeks wisdom from God.

God created us an individuals. One of my daughters is married, is expecting her fourth child and stays at home with them. The other daughter is married, doesn't have children yet and is practicing as a pediatric nurse practitioner. She loves her work.

Whether at work or at home, women will encounter challenges. We need to depend on God to help us.

-Carol in comment section here: |X|


  1. Amen and that is so true. Our path should be guided by God, whether to be a stay at home mother or a professional woman. We should not judge one another based on our career choices because everyone's destiny is different. As long as we are working toward our destiny, thats all that really matters.

  2. Amen to this!! Saw your comment on my blog and I forgive you though you have to send me a fat check to cover my emotional distress ;) LOL That's alright though! I sometimes do the same thing :) My roommate made me rice and red beans one day. She said they eat that in N.Orleans. I think it's red beans she said or kidney beans? LOL You are NOT horrible! :) Just update your blog with the right email which I think u have :) or have you? ;) Hope u are well!

  3. The worst part about making these assumptions is that girls are left completely unprepared for whatever does happen in their lives. I'm actually glad my parents forced college on me (although there were a number of problems with that) because I haven't married and become the stay-at-home mom that I expected to be. I know a lot of other women who have been in worse situations because they haven't married or ended up being single until later in life.

  4. lol, I don't think she is athletic either but I got it the article from yahoo lifestyle. I should probably state I don't think so can reply back on my blog :)

  5. This is so true! The differences people have are what makes the world go 'round! The career woman is no more important than the woman who is raising her children and creating a loving home and environment for them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


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