Monday, May 23, 2011

A la Mode Monday

I live in the deep South, and lemme tell y'all it's HOT! Starting today, I will begin posting modest fashions in accordance with the season. Here are a few great summer items that can keep you cool and covered.
Tunics are a lightweight option which provide great coverage..especially from the blaring sun.
Current Image

Pair this cute maxi dress with a cami for more coverage.

Pair this look with a cute cardigan and a pair of sandals.

A very pretty Bohemian skirt, I love the intricate detail.
Boho Indian Bright Citrus Orange Crinkled Crepe Skirt Sarong Swimsuit Beach Cover Up

Find a cute shade of nail polish and expose your toes :)
 No need to keep your piggies covered up and modest.  
A great tool for keeping your toes nice and summer sandal worthy:

Anthropologie, Forever21, Old Navy, Delias, DelhiDaze(Etsy)


  1. I can TOTALLY relate with the nail-biting! It was a 20 year habit for me and sometimes it still tries to come back. But I LOVE long nails, so I beat it down every time. =) Sally's is my favorite, too! So smooth! Another tip I read was to keep your polish in the fridge - it will last longer without getting clumpy. Gral, if you like nice nails, get the book I talked about this morning's post - it's SOO amazing! It totally teaches you everything! And yes, actually, I am considering going to beauty school to be a nail tech. But we'll see where God takes me. I tend to get way ahead of God sometimes!

    Love the tunic in the first picture! Did it say where it could be purchased?

  2. I saw your response on Kellie's blog! You're a certified nail tech? That's so cool!! I'm still not very good with nails! I mainly do the usual without any polish because it gets ripped off days later so thanks for the inspiration! Haha I'm the South too though not sure what deep means :)

  3. Like you, I live in the deep south then. Maybe I confused the nail tech thing with Kelly haha! I also responded to your comment on IVF so please hop over :)

    This is Sophie btw. For some reason, I can't sign in :(

  4. My sign in finally worked! That was tough.

  5. the skirt is nice schy! i dont think i would pair the 2nd dress with a cami...its hot already :) the dress is modest though and its hard to judge the neckline. i would definitely pair the 3rd with a cami since it reveals a lot. nice post!


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