Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing is a great television show featured on TLC. It has quickly become a favorite of mine and many others that would love to able able to save money especially in this economy. Many of the couponers featured save 95% or more. I would love to begin learning how to coupon in preparation for when I have a family of my own. My mother has asked me to help her begin finding coupons and couponing. I doubt (nor my mom) will go to the "extreme" level but I think it is a great way to utilise resources available to you and be a wise steward fo the money God has blessed you/your family with.

Many of the featured couponers have "stockpiles" which are huge pantries/cupboards of food and toiletries that could basically keep a homeless shelter running for a month. I do not like the idea of stockpiling that many items. One lady had a shelf full of packages of feminine hygiene products. I think a better idea would be to donate things such as personal hygiene products, toothpaste (one man had over 100 tubes), dog food (one lady had 170 cans of dog food). One of the featured couponers donated lots of his things out of his stockpile which is what really opened my eyes to how much donation of these excessive items would be a great idea. Local shelters, whether  battered/women's, men's, childrens, or even an animal shelter would benefit greatly from some of these stockpiles.

Couponing? Have you tried it?


  1. I've definitely tried it and think it's great though I don't think I'm extreme but should use coupons often :)

    Also, I just responded to your comment as you made good points :) Let me know if it's helpful when I tell you I just responded to your comment cos I'm not sure :) I ALWAYS check back but I realize others may not be as I am!

  2. You go girl! Just finally responded to your intelligent comments :)

  3. Yes. =) I've been saving between 53-57% on my grocery bill every month! Stockpile is growing (slowly) and I'm excited to see how this grows. I love love love it and it is absolutely a wise way to steward finances! :)

  4. Hi Schy!
    Just responded to your comment and I sent you an email too! because I experienced the same not too long ago. Just thought I should encourage you :)

  5. Responded to your comment on strapless gowns!


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