Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving Thanks

My mother has decided not to cook a Thanksgiving meal because my dad will be out of town for work. I'm sorry Momma but in Louisiana not cooking on Thanksgiving is a mortal sin ;) Therefore, I am cooking my first full course Thanksgiving dinner at the age of 20. I thought I still had many years of eating here, visiting mawmaw's, and future in-laws. Thankfully, I will have my sous chef Zoƫ (my sister) for assistance. Here's our tentative menu. But mind you, we live in Louisiana as you peruse our li'l menu. Oh & we are not going exactly by these recipes we tweak them to fit our Creole culture.

Stuffed Turkey Breast I am NOT attempting a whole turkey this year. Sorry folks.
Rice Dressing
Cornbread Stuffing
Green Bean Casserole
Baked Mac & Cheese
Sweet Potato Pecan Crunch
Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes

What's on your thanksgiving menu's? Do you cheat and buy a fully cooked turkey or make it yourselves?

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  1. Hi Schy! Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog :) There's a lot on Blogger that I like MUCH better than on Xanga so I'm super excited to finally have a blog on here.

    Good luck on cooking Thanksgiving dinner! Our Thanksgiving here in Canada is in October, but I'll be attempting my first dinner next Thanksgiving too. Your menu sounds delicious :)


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