Monday, November 28, 2011

give thanks

My attempts to cook my own full course Thanksgiving were in vain because we ended up at my Mawmaw's (grandmother in La.) house. I bought the ingredients and made the desserts that I wanted and brought them with me as my contribution. I made brown sugar pecan mini-cupcakes with homemade caramel icing, which is a mouthful in more ways then one ;) I also made a pumpkin streusel cake. We spent most of the afternoon with my family then followed up by visiting his grandparent's home that evening. We talked for a few hours about all things under the sun and I definitely feel I know them on a personal level now. We went to my house after his mom joined us at his grandparents and they busted out the family photo's {again}. It's so funny to me but so embarrassing to him.  Here's a snapshot of me and my guy in the afternoon on Thanksgiving.

We made it to my home to watch a movie and wrap up the night when my {4 years younger} uncle and sister convinced us to take them Black Friday shopping because they desperately want to spend time with us {because we have cars}. So we all took a 2 hour power nap then hopped in my freezing cold car to visit Walmart {packed}, Target {packed}, and Old Navy. We walked around Walmart but didn't make a purchase. Target had lines as far as my eye could see. Old Navy had a short line that actually ended up taking 30 minutes to enter the store. We got in and went wild then the checkout line too 2.5 hours. We made it home at 4 AM utterly exhausted. This was my first and *yells* LAST! Black Friday experience. I need my sleep so I'll stick to Cyber Monday unless I realllly, really, need something. How was y'alls Thanksgiving and Black Friday experience?

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  1. don't worry! next time you will cook it all :) your picture looks great! black friday is not my forte lol


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