Monday, July 18, 2011

A la Mode Monday

A little fashion inspiration-this is a great look for church service or a nice event. Lose the heels, unless you don't mind you're feet hurting... I don't ;) Save $$$ by going into your own closet and remixing the clothing you have into new outfits.


  1. Girl! Those heels are high...I heard this may cause arthritis when one gets older ;) About your comment, I think its because you're younger with a bf so that's why :) When you get married, keep some cake for me too ;) Even asking about the cake is a hint that they're saying you should get married. Nice! So, he's proposed? Ring browsing? I thought the guy does that. Why do you want to see the ring? :) Should be a surprise but maybe you just want to make sure he picks the right one :) Also, yes some people have told me that harsh statement. Not the lose weight one but the other one. I try to not let it bother me.

  2. Yes you're safe :) Orthopedic shoes?! LOL, you crack me up! Well, mine are either teasing or serious. Glad you didn't make him do that ;) Yeah, I think he just wants to pick the perfect one for you! :) Oh it doesn't bother me but I am very interested in dating (right now) and getting married in the next year or two :)

  3. My position at the conference? Nothing! I just have to blog about my experiences...a few times :)


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