Saturday, May 14, 2011


At lassssst, summer is here. Good news and bad news. Good news- School's OUT! Bad news- I am attending summer school which starts in 2 weeks haha. It's only semi-bad, I guess. It will really lighten my science course load for this upcoming semester. Nursing school is really intense, whodathunkit?  I am taking Chemistry and Biology this summer semester.  Anatomy and Physiology is VERY important and quite difficult. I am taking those 2 courses this upcoming fall.  Who would want a nurse that did not really know much about the body? Or better yet a midwife which is what I would like to be eventually? Ok, enough about school..

Now onto, plans for this summer. DISCLAIMER: It has been said God laughs when you tell Him YOUR plans so these are just preliminary. I am searching for a part-time job. I am also hoping to get involved with a Christian birth center as a volunteer. I am also hoping to beging reading a bit more marriage preparation literature and dust of my apron and get into the kitchen more. What can it hurt to practice cooking...well it could hurt the subjects I test my recipes out on but aside from that? no one:) My mom says I am a good cook from the few recipes I've made. I would like to expand my repertoire of recipe to seafood dishes. The  pre-fiancee/boyfriend (Cody) really likes shrimp so I would like to learn a few seafood recipes. I really like baking and sweets thanks to my Mama (pronounced maw-maw, my family is Creole French) so not much more practice can be done there but I do wanna learn how to make cakes from scratch and decorate them. Oh yeah, and lots of swimming. Basically, I would like to do too many things to fit into one summer- no biggie. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


  1. You have a lovely blog here. Thanks for visiting mine!


  2. Enjoy your summer! And yes, dust off that apron and enjoy some cooking! Seafoods not my fav, but I bet you'll do great at it! Good luck (or rather, God's blessings) on your nursing school/Midwife prep! Thanks for coming by my blog, it blessed me so much to read your comment. My hope is to take my past and encourage others through it - that's what our life stories are for! God bless! Grace and peace, Kellie


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